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TAG Heuer watches, precision timing

TAG Heuer watches century pioneer founder - Edward Hoya (Edouard Heuer) in 1860 in the Swiss Jura mountains of the western town of Shengyi Mai (St Imier) started his own small watchmaking workshops, thus in the international high-end watches as well as important international sports TAG Heuer was born. Edward Heuer created a lover of sports and the accuracy of the timer. Various athletic programs for the precise timing of the need to give a TAG Heuer watch endless inspiration for the design and technology; and the nature of competitive sports - "to challenge themselves and succeed, excellent quality" of the spirit became even more TAG Heuer brand spirit. The plant from its founder Edward Hoya and then the hearts of only one belief that the time measurement into a new level. Plant from the table to establish the beginning, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in the watch industry. Both watch technology, material selection and design style, TAG Heuer has created a model for a series of exclusive watches. Innovative technologies and innovations in the past 144 years, TAG Heuer, "to challenge themselves and succeed, excellent quality" of the spirit of creating a lot of "world first" has been fully reflected: 1882, TAG Heuer for the first one mechanical stopwatch application for a patent, since, TAG Heuer sports watch has been the authority and representatives of leading edge technologies; 1887, TAG Heuer invented the "gear vibration" technology is still being most of the watch manufacturers to use in mechanical watch on; in 1916, TAG Heuer invented the first accurate to 1% of the second stopwatch, opened the tab page in the history of proud and be followed by Antwerp, Paris and Amsterdam Olympics special time table third ; 1930, TAG Heuer has developed the world's first self-winding chronograph function; in 1933, TAG Heuer watches released the world's first device in the car dashboard chronograph Autavia, so riders can easily to read the race time; in 1972, TAG Heuer more invented the world's first time diving square code table Monaco; 1975, the TAG Heuer released the world's first quartz watch chronograph ... ... These are just high Ya made a part of many patents, and it is these general industry-leading proprietary technology, established a TAG Heuer watch industry in Switzerland and the world's distinguished position in the important. The design must not drift Heuer watch the full show precise timing of their outstanding features, the founder of Edward Heuer watches, I also believe that design philosophy - he believed that a watch should not have unnecessary details - - TAG Heuer to be given to a style can be a resolution to the aesthetics, the perfect blend of technology and function watch design. TAG Heuer has always been to practice "technology determines function, function of excitation inspired" design philosophy, introduced almost every style into the history of classic watches. First published in 1930, the MONZA, with its unique cushion-shaped case modeling, together with the genuine crocodile leather strap, as most representative of the TAG Heuer classic. In the recently released replica MONZA Calibre 36, not only in shape follows the classic 30s design, is equipped with a balance wheel frequency of 36,000 per hour, transfer the mechanical movement, can accurately measure 1 / 10 seconds. In 1964 came the CAR-RERA's name from the history of the most dangerous race track in Mexico Carrera Panamerica Mexico, its design, with particular emphasis on the accuracy and clarity, which is reflected in its buttons and large time-crown on its streamlined shape is considered the classic TAG Heuer one of the symbols. TAG Heuer in 1969 published the world's first automatic chronograph square case MONACO, just off the market immediately craze. In 1970, more well-known international film star in the hit film 史蒂夫麦昆 "Le Mans", also wear MONACO watch the election. With strong roots movement innovative technology, excellence in the timing and tough durable materials, these unique qualities have made Hoya has been established since 1860 and many high-level athletic program maintains close ties. Early 50s of last century, TAG Heuer watches began to sponsor the world-famous racing driver, 1971, TAG Heuer began with Ferrari in 1985, the TAG Heuer began sponsoring McLaren Mercedes (McLaren) team; 1992 onwards, started his F1 watch TAG Heuer Formula One world official timer. In the marine sports, since 1970, TAG Heuer for participation in the America's Cup sailing campaigns of all vessels equipped with timing devices; the ski area, since 1989, TAG Heuer watch is all the United States and Canada and a number of World Cup ski race important in the world ski race in Europe the official timer.


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TAG Heuer watches, precision timing

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