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portable power supply effectiveness of the power system

       To learn more about the portable power supply effectiveness of the power system, the Air Mobility Battlelab staff held a five-day concept demonstration at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., with members of the 375th Aeromedical Evacuation portable power supply Squadron. Through the demonstration, they worked to meet four objectives to include using the power system to support medical equipment during standard missions for both aeromedical evacuations and CCATT, to support pre-flight check requirements for aeromedical portable power supply evacuation equipment, and assess the suitability of the system’s technical instructions and training.  

         "Overall, the PEPSAE demonstrated it was capable of powering up to four litters of CCATT medical equipment for more than 12 hours -- a great result," Sergeant Allain said. "The system is lighter and provides significant advantages to the current system in use. Feedback from questionnaires filled out helped us to look at possible improvements for the system. The contractor, Jadoo, has responded with plans for a next generation PEPSAE."  

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Lathrop, the Air Mobility Battlelab commander, recommended the initiative be adopted by AMC.   "PEPSAE promises to provide a continuous power capability of any duration to CCATT medical equipment from field hospital to aircraft to main base hospital giving critical care patients overall superior care," Colonel Lathrop said. 

         portable power supply Termed the Portable Electronic Power Supply for Aeromedical Evacuations, or PEPSAE, initiative, it addresses a problem of heavy and cumbersome avionic frequency converters used to power medical equipment on aeromedical evacuation missions.  

        "Besides being heavy -- almost
portable power supply 80 pounds -- the avionic converters pose possible electrical sparking and tripping hazards from the electrical cable assembly systems," said Master Sgt. Eric Allain, the project officer for the portable power supply PEPSAE initiative. "With our initiative, our proposed solution was to provide a small, portable, reliable, lightweight, zero-emission and spark resistant AC/DC power supply to each patient’s medical portable power supply equipment without the use of the aircraft power systems."  

       To meet the needs of the initiative,
portable power supply the Air Mobility Battlelab, located in the Air Force Expeditionary Center here, teamed up with Jadoo Power Systems to design and fabricate a fuel cell and battery power system.  
"This power system consists portable power supply of two key subsystems -- the power production subsystem and the fuel storage subsystem," Sergeant Allain said.  

          Each subsystem has proven
portable power supply capabilities, Sergeant Allain said. With the power production subsystem, there is a battery backup system that operates up to 60 minutes and the subsystem itself can power 310 watts of DC portable power supply power and 255 watts of AC power. The fuel storage subsystem operates with four metal hydride hydrogen fuel storage canisters which can be refilled by a compressed hydrogen tank. Additionally, portable power supply one fuel canister alone can operate equipment for a critical care air transport team, or CCATT, for more than 12 hours. Combined, run time is more than 48 hours.  



portable power supply effectiveness of the power system

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