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power most portable solar power devices requiring

portable solar power Silicon Solar's portable Solar system is the perfect solution for people on the go who still need to power their high-tech gear. If you live on your laptop, but can't always find a place to charge it up when portable solar power it's in desperate need of some juice, the PVSMALL is for you. Why not let the sun get your laptop back in shape without trying to find a plug, or ordering a spare battery.
No assembly is required to get the PVSMALL going. Each of these 
portable solar power
systems are prefabricated, complete with an inverter/battery carrying case, and a solar panel/charge controller package.
The PVSMALL is the affordable portable solar power
compact solution to your portable solar power needs. Each unit comes standard with a (12"x 14" unfolded, 6"x14" folded) leight weight folding solar panel for easy transporting. Your inverter and charge regulating components are ergonomically fitted into a lightweight transportation casing measuring only 12" x 6" x 6". That's it! Everything is plug and play allowing you to power mostportable solar power 
devices requiring less than 75W(continous)140 Watts(peak) AC 110-120v, 60 Hz.
Can place it in a standard size backpack!
Our Solar portable kit is a great way to start learning more about alternative energies advantages and how they can be applied to larger stand alone portable solar power


portable solar power system is the perfect

portable solar power provides you with the type

power most portable solar power devices requiring

portable solar power benefits than any DC-only

this quality portable solar power unit

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