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Omega watch:Omega Helps Michael Phelps

Omega watch:Omega Helps Michael Phelps And Massimiliano Rosolino Go On A Roman Holiday
Ah, summer in Rome and two championship athletes there for training and competition can't seem to stay focused on the pool. Famous American Olympian Michael Phelps and star Italian swimmer Massimiliano Rosolino have a lot in common both being good swimmers and both
Omega watchambassadors. In what seemed like a friendly move, Omega watchgot them together on a Vespa (of course) and the gents couldn't look happier. See them both wearing new 2009 Omega watch Seamaster Ploprof dive watches.
The idea was to recreate the setting and mood from the movie Roman Holiday for the photo op. The sentiment worked out pretty well. My only question is, who is supposed to be Audrey Hepburn? In this instance Mr. Phelps seems to be taking the role 'swimmingly,' and boy does he look happy sitting on the back of the White vintage Vespa. I have a feeling the two took the rest of the day off together for jaunting on Roman back roads via the scooter. The two indicated they had been spending a lot of time in the pool training for the FINA 09 event, so the break was sorely needed, I am sure. Reliable new Omega timepieces surely helped them not lose track of time.
This may also have been an attempt by
Omega watch to expose the watch brand to new markets. For those who can appreciate the finer things in life such as White Vespas, cut-off shorts, and luxury timepieces.


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